SCADA/MES from Progea at the heart of the Italian ceramic industry

With the advent of I4.01 and the awareness that field data are key to improving production performance, quality and competitiveness, Progea’s SCADA/HMI/MES solutions have been chosen by leading ceramic groups.

One of these is Panaria Group, which is implementing an ambitious project to interconnect all the machines at its facilities (three in Italy and three abroad) with the aim of improving the efficiency of the production process and consequently reducing waste. Data Collection can be used to trace the various production batches and analyse the efficiency of the machines in terms of productivity and hourly output. The Work in Process warehouses will also be managed with a view to keeping the situation under control in real time.

The project is designed and structured in such a way as to interface all production and consumption data with the IRP, to enable production orders to progress via the interface with the management system and to obtain the real-time status of the plant’s warehouses and analyse the divergences between actual and standard costs. The ultimate goal of the project undertaken by Panaria Group based on the software solutions supplied by Progea is to interconnect all the plants so as to perform an efficiency analysis and compare and optimise production planning within the group.

Progea’s R&D team is working steadily towards its future goals, especially in anticipation of the forthcoming May 2020 release of Movicon.NExT 4.0 and its new Web HMI technology, which will further enhance the scalability of the platform. “This is an important challenge for Progea. We are all very excited by this big step forward that will make Movicon.NExT much more friendly, simple and intuitive, with a restyled workspace based on in-depth ergonomic studies,” commented Progea’s General Manager Paolo Fiorani. “Our goal is to enable everyone to reduce design times and benefit from a pleasant and enjoyable workspace.”

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